About Us

He is a CFO by trade who partnered with a few friends in the early 90s to create and run several successful online businesses from the ground up.

She is a legal and enterprise risk management professional who worked with him in the ecommerce world as they both redesigned the corporate structure of several businesses on an international scale; negotiated lasting partnership agreements and actively participated in the strategic development of several businesses.

Together they are two very passionate individuals who look at the world and say:

“We can make this better!”

Using their combined 40 years of experience and expertise Daniel and Megan created KIGI as an answer to improve the treatment of an aging population through active participation in the workforce. With a desire to give back, help others and provide opportunities for businesses and seniors; Daniel and Megan invite you to get in touch and do your part to Keep It Going!

Megan Schoonberg


Daniel Bastien