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December 07th 2020

Report on Aging Well in Quebec

Following an article in La Presse today regarding aging in Quebec, I found a report by the Fondation Mirella and Lino Saputo which explores  The Economy Lifestyle  Well Being Click here for the website (in French) where you can download the pdf report in English.  Interesting read!

Kigi News

November 19th 2020

10 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

The government of New Brunswick suggests 10 ways to boost your mental health.  Let’s see what our neighbours propose so we may find solutions which can help us.&n...

KIGI Accredited Businesses

November 01st 2020

Welcome: The Teapot!

Don’t be fooled by the sweet name of this non-profit organization in Lachine.  The Teapot is not your great-grandmother’s idea of Sunday afternoon.  The Teap...

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November 01st 2020

How Are You ?

As the co-founder of Kigi Agency, I was excited and extremely energized when we started operations in February 2020.  We finished testing the website and were alr...

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October 20th 2020

Are You A Bookworm?

In my childhood, I lost myself in the worlds of Enid Blyton, Ramona Quimby and later, dare I say, the characters of V.C. Andrews.  I would spend hours upon hours ...

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October 14th 2020

Books for Caregivers

Hello Kigiers! I hope you are enjoying our weekly poll questions on our Facebook page.  We are putting out one per week as we dive into the great things about ...

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October 06th 2020

10 Book Review Sites, Links, Interesting Finds and More

In my search for topics of interest regarding books, I thought to look into sources of English books for Quebecers.  I found a few "novel" links, a few staples an...