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June 18th 2020

The Importance of Mental Health

As we shake off a few of the restrictions of Covid-19, the effects of isolation and physical distancing remain on all of us.  Some of us practiced meditation, others immersed themselves in television and some of us had a hard time coping with these changes.   Whether you feel unchanged, unhappy or re-invented we can all take a moment to consider our mental health and the mental h...

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June 17th 2020

Donate to help pay postage costs

Kigi Agency received 100 new pet toys from veterinarians and pets stores to send to the pets of Kigiers! We need your help to mail the toys out.  You could buy...

Kigi News

June 15th 2020

Late Life Transitions - Public Health Canada (2017)

KIGI - Businesses

June 08th 2020

Harvard Business Review Support for Older Workers

"Employers have historically viewed... their skills have deteriorated or become obsolete or that they are overqualified, will require long ramp-up times, lack commitme...

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June 05th 2020

Healthy Living

Last summer when Kigi Agency incorporated as a non-profit organization we jumped at the chance to talk about helping baby-boomers+ find short term work with businesses...

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June 01st 2020

We're on Page 4!

See our ad online in BelÂge Plus magazine this month because we’re featured on page 4 in an edition which promotes better sleep and the benefits of zootherapy.  T...

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May 26th 2020

App for businesses reopening

Quebec businesses are slowly starting to reopen, but there are still many questions and concerns about how to protect staff and customers while working best as possibl...