Kigi News

June 05th 2020

Healthy Living

Last summer when Kigi Agency incorporated as a non-profit organization we jumped at the chance to talk about helping baby-boomers+ find short term work with businesses looking to hire qualified workers on a temporary basis.  We met hundreds of businesses and Kigiers who signed up to service and were patient with us while we worked through website bugs to get us ready to move from the test ...

Kigi News

June 01st 2020

We're on Page 4!

See our ad online in BelÂge Plus magazine this month because we’re featured on page 4 in an edition which promotes better sleep and the benefits of zootherapy.  T...

Kigi News

May 26th 2020

App for businesses reopening

Quebec businesses are slowly starting to reopen, but there are still many questions and concerns about how to protect staff and customers while working best as possibl...

Kigi News

May 04th 2020

Healthy Eating

“Health Canada recommends that people over the age of 50 consume a vitamin D supplement of 400 IU every day. This is particularly true between the months of October an...

Kigi News

March 30th 2020

Suspended Business Development Activities

Thank you for your continued support and interest in being a Kigier.  Over the last few weeks we have had a few more people register and we are grateful for your ...

Kigi News

March 23rd 2020

Message to Kigiers

Dear Kigiers, During this period of self isolation and social distancing, Kigi Agency is also struggling to meet with new Kigiers and new businesses in order to get...

KIGI Accredited Businesses

March 11th 2020

Discover Groupe CH

What do you think when you see these iconic symbols? Have you ever imagined working for an organization as professional and recognized as Groupe CH ?! Groupe CH is ...