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October 06th 2020

10 Book Review Sites, Links, Interesting Finds and More

In my search for topics of interest regarding books, I thought to look into sources of English books for Quebecers.  I found a few "novel" links, a few staples and a couple of interesting book clubs!  Enjoy the autumn with one or two finds and a nice cup of mulled wine! you can also visit their Facebook page at - Get inspired by quotes, other people’s finds or a topic - Looking for Quebec authors and translated works?  Get ready to explore contemporary Quebec authors and great novels. - I admit, I was drawn to the name For the writer in you I had no idea there was a Birks Reading Room and of all places it would have a no shoes policy – making it extra cozy?!! Can’t decide?  Let this site help choose your next adventure.

Recipe for mulled wine by the SAQ

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