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November 19th 2020

10 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

The government of New Brunswick suggests 10 ways to boost your mental health.  Let’s see what our neighbours propose so we may find solutions which can help us.  My comments are in between!

    1. Foster healthy, meaningful relationships.

Even during this confinement, working on our relationships is important.  Give your best friend a call today.

    2. Share humour. Laughter can go a long way to keeping us mentally fit!

Share a joke on our Facebook Group page (Kigi)

    3. Do one thing at a time. Learn to enjoy the present moment fully.

This is something I need to work on.  I’m often working while stirring something in a pot!

     4. Enjoy hobbies. They will keep your brain active!

I've joined a book club for the first time and the first book I read was "Seven Fallen Feathers" by Tanya Talaga - really great and looking forward to our discussion soon!

    5. Volunteer within your community. You will help others and make yourself feel great at the same time.

There are so many opportunities available to volunteer - if you need help on where to start, contact me!

    6. Set realistic goals; reaching them will build confidence and foster a sense of satisfaction.

My unrealistic goal last month was to lose 5 pounds. I need to put more effort and maybe start with 1 pound for this month

     7. Exercise regularly to improve your psychological well-being and reduce depression, stress and anxiety.

This ties in with the previous goal in my case!

     8. Take a few moments each day: close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and unplug from your surroundings. This simple practice helps lower blood pressure and calms your mind.

I used to think meditation was a waste of time, but I tried this suggestion and certainly notice the positive difference.

     9. “Collect” positive emotional moments. Recall times when you have experienced pleasure, comfort, peace or other positive feelings.

I call this all day daydreaming

     10. Each day, remember three things for which you can be grateful. An attitude of gratitude boosts our immune system. “

My health, the love of my life and the courage I have to keep it going with Kigi Agency!

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