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September 01st 2020

Arthritis Awareness Month

The Quebec division of the Arthritis Society is a charitable organization with which Kigi Agency is familiar because the founders have participated in a few of their events, and have gotten to know some of the people behind the scenes, who make things happen!  Our hearts became heavy when we learnt things were not going so great for the Arthritis Society due to Covid-19.  After many years, the Arthritis Society had decided to move away from their traditional coast to coast walk and try something new.  Unfortunately, after much planning, Covid-19 would make their new idea unsafe to execute.  As we are optimistic about it happening in the future, we will keep their idea a secret.

We are especially grateful to the Arthritis Society for allowing us to help share the news about their September Arthritis Awareness Month campaign with our Kigiers and businesses.  The goal this year is 1 million dollars for 6 million Canadians; and the Arthritis Society has chosen the Move Your Way platform, to put the power of awareness and fundraising in YOUR hands! 

Exercise is a very important aspect of living with arthritis and what better way to let people know than organizing an activity around exercise – even virtual exercise!

If you don’t want to exercise or have limited mobility there are plenty of other ways to participate.  Virtual contests (Karaoke anyone?!), a birthday celebration (making the gifts are a donation), or start selling all those loaves of bread you’ve mastered baking during lockdown.  Donors will receive a tax receipt for any donation over $20 and you can make your event as big or as small as you like (no minimums, no costs to participate).

Follow the Arthritis Society on Facebook; download their resources from their campaign webpage (they are very well made!); and get out there to make some noise about arthritis this month!  Hopefully next year, we will see each other and share photos and stories of our events this September!

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