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June 17th 2020

Donate to help pay postage costs

Kigi Agency received 100 new pet toys from veterinarians and pets stores to send to the pets of Kigiers! We need your help to mail the toys out. 

You could buy a lip gloss or a set of decorative pens for under $5, but wouldn't it be better to bring a smile to the face of a BabyBoomer who owns a pet and would like to offer them a new toy? 

Pets promote increased physical activity such as walks or regular movement around the house.  Studies have shown, people who care for pets tend to be more active and they increase their physical activity levels specifically to meet the needs of their pets.

Pets provide emotional support to people who, as they age, often feel unappreciated or left behind – a pet can help an elderly person know they are still important.  From a personal well-being viewpoint, one can feel as much pleasure and emotional contribution from a pet as they can a best friend.  A pet represents an effective support.


A small donation is what is needed: please click here

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