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May 23rd 2021


#FeedYourFriends is the name of the fundraiser campaign designed by Kigi Agency to raise $10,000 for the Food Banks of QuébecStarting June 1st collect donations as you prepare to compete in the three day virtual race event on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

How It Works

Kigi Agency teamed up with JustMove – a virtual race platform which offers charities an all-in-one ability to organize a virtual race AND collect donations.  We are hosting THREE Flextime Virtual Races on July 2, 3rd and 4th, 2021

The Races

As a user of the JustMove platform for a little over a year I was super excited to discover the charity platform customization.  Not only did I start using JustMove because it gave me real time feedback about my personal running, walking or cycling performance, but they also made my time exciting by offering unique audio scenarios.  Therefore, I chose two JustMove themes as part of this three-day event.   I hope you will enjoy the TRIVIA theme – you’re running, walking, cycling or hiking and every 250m you’re asked a question.  Figure it out before the next 250m when the answer is given and your next question begins!  The second theme is one I tell people about all the time.  PRISON BREAK.  The sounds and prompts are so real, I promise, your heart will be racing. 

You can participate in a race of 1km, 5km or 25km on July 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  You can do all distances on each day, or pick one for each day, or choose the same distance, or simply pick one theme and one date.  The flexibility is all up to you, there are no restrictions.

Racing includes walking, running, cycling or hiking.  This is a fun virtual challenge so there is no pressure to finish within a certain time – although with the real-time feedback of your progress you may be motivated more than you know.

Flextime means you choose the best date and time to fit your schedule. 

  • Are you only free on Saturday at 4pm?  Then feel free to press the ‘start’ button on July 3rd at 4pm! 
  • Are you a weekend warrior who likes to get a workout in first thing in the morning? Then get outside at 6am on both Saturday and Sunday to compete in the virtual race of your choice

Virtual Races

  • You choose where you want to be.  Maybe you’re going to be away at a chalet this weekend or visiting a friend (socially distant of course!).  You can participate anywhere in the world – there is no set location

Why Are We Doing This?

Did you know close to 2 million people across the province use the service of a food bank or food assistance organization every day?  This includes over 150,000 children.  At these numbers, we realise it is likely You know someone in need – whether you’re aware of it or not.  You’re therefore helping to feed a friend when you contribute to this fundraiser.

Kigi Agency decided to raise money for a large charity such as Food Banks of Québec because they reach so many people on a daily basis; they are a well-known, reputable charity; and because any individual or business we support, is likely a friend who needs help when it comes to food security.


Starting June 1st 2021, You can start collecting donations toward the $10,000 goalSign up to participate in the race where you will be given your own fundraising page.  You can customize the page with blogs, photos, and background images. Or simply make a donation by contributing to an existing participant.

If you really want to have fun we suggest creating a team and getting others to join in on raising money.  Set a challenge for your friends to virtually run the 5km on one of the days.  Even if you all start at different times you will see your standing on the leaderboard and your times.

If you’re not able to participate in the actual races You’re still able to participate in the fundraiser.  Head to the special website set up for the event by clicking here and pick someone to sponsor.  Fill in your name, email and payment information to contribute to the fundraiser and help a virtual race participant reach their goal.  

You will receive an email receipt of your donation and a charitable tax receipt will be issued directly from Food Banks of Québec.

If you have any questions or want more details please reach out to us at We look forward to you joining us in this exciting adventure to help #FeedYourFriends.

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