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May 04th 2020

Healthy Eating

“Health Canada recommends that people over the age of 50 consume a vitamin D supplement of 400 IU every day. This is particularly true between the months of October and April, where there is not enough sun for our skin to produce vitamin D."  We wonder if the effect of having to stay indoors during this pandemic adds to the lack of exposure to the natural sun and thus a reduction in vitamin D.  Kigi Agency does not recommend you take any supplement without the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

Kigi Agency is sensitive to the needs of baby boomers +, especially because they cannot live the mission we are trying to offer them -  to live an active life, in good mental and physical health and socially engaged; so we want to put our focus back on what we can bring to our Kigiers.

Eat healthy! It’s easy to say, right? But what does this mean in concrete terms after the age of 55? According to Canada's Food Guide, "as you get older, your body needs less food, but it may need more nutrients. "

  •  If you drink juice - target those which are 100% pure rather than fruit drinks;
  •  Opt for cooked cereals such as wheat, oats, millet and rice for fiber as well as breakfast cereals;
  •  Whether you drink milk or a milk substitute, the calcium and vitamin B12 in them are important and can be found in good milkshake! "Put milk, frozen yogurt, fruit or jam in a blender";
  •  Meats and alternatives include poultry, offal, eggs, fish, seafood, legumes and nuts


From this list you need to eat enough to meet your basic energy needs, so eat at least three meals a day and snacks between meals. Vary your menus to ensure protein with each meal and aim for a different color on each plate because we eat first what looks appealing.

Frozen vegetables and fruits are as good for your health as fresh produce, so don't hesitate, especially when you don't feel like doing a lot of food preparation. If you are concerned about food waste:

  •  check the expiration dates;
  •  meat can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months;
  •  freeze half a bread loaf if you only eat half a week;
  •  freeze your leftover meals for another day.


Kigi Agency thanks all the farms, farmers, factories, people who feed animals, agricultural producers, delivery people, mechanics and all those who work and continue to work to feed us and keep us healthy throughout Quebec. Thank you and, to your health!

By: Nancy Presse and Bryna Shatenstein 2009

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