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June 05th 2020

Healthy Living

Last summer when Kigi Agency incorporated as a non-profit organization we jumped at the chance to talk about helping baby-boomers+ find short term work with businesses looking to hire qualified workers on a temporary basis.  We met hundreds of businesses and Kigiers who signed up to service and were patient with us while we worked through website bugs to get us ready to move from the test phase to the “real” phase this past February.  Like you, we did not expect to have to stop our progress and not be able to do what we set out to do.  However, in this situation, we realize the great opportunity to continue to connect with businesses and Kigiers, and to reach out to new businesses and Kigiers by remaining on course with our communication plans – and adjusting them slightly.

Part of the “raison d’être” behind KIGI is to keep and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for baby-boomers.  In Quebec, we are noticing a positive shift in the number of people infected and ill from Covid-19; but there remain a lot of questions for businesses and baby-boomers registered with KIGI.  Is it safe for me to work somewhere?  Is it safe for me to hire someone from a higher-risk age group?  Whilst Kigi Agency is not part of any public health group and can not provide advice or make claims regarding your health and security we can intervene in the hiring process where needed as follows:

  • Any business ready to post a job offer will be required to state in their job description the type of Covid-19 related hygiene practices they use at the place or work, such as but not limited to: hand washing frequency, distance between workers, personal protective equipment needed/available, and whether the work is with members of the general public
  • Kigi Agency will be contacting all businesses by telephone, and where possible by video conference or in person, to review the statements made in their job description regarding their Covid-19 related hygiene practices
  • Where time permits and the following will not cause delays for a business, Kigi Agency will work with businesses to contact the hired Kigier by telephone or email to ensure the Kigier is aware of the work environment and is capable to undertaking the tasks

In the interim, Kigi Agency reiterates information we all may have seen or read

  • Stay informed about what is happening in your community and follow safety precautions
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Avoid nonessential shopping or travel
It is important for all of us to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.  Maintaining a routine with activities you can safely do either at home or in your neighbourhood are a good way to stay active and healthy.  Don’t forget, sleep is also an important part of being healthy – so feel free to nap… on the couch!

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