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July 21st 2020

Introducing Services Système D

Les Services Système D is a manual sorting and packaging business in the Bois-des-Filion area, operating since 2012.  I had the opportunity to visit the work site of this 22,000 square foot area, see the work being undertaken and sit down to talk about the future of this business with president, Simon Bibeau.

Upon entering a small door which could seem like any other office I noted the free disposable masks and hand sanitizer available for use.  With one more step, a giant space opened up to a high ceiling and overhead lighting where people were just finishing a few things before going on break.  Each person diligently washed their hands before going to their locker and taking a short morning break.  What I noticed while waiting for Simon were the smiles and greetings, I received from everyone as well as the boxes and cardboard where the work to be complete was momentarily left.

I was greeted by Simon’s colleague, Normand, who graciously started showing me around the different areas.  “This is where a team is applying a sticker to some products which are taken from this box, moved along to the next person who will put the products in a sleeve and finally go in this box at the end.  Someone will come around after to clear the box.” He took his time to point it all out and explained why this work was being done. 
“Over there at the table a team will work on small miscellaneous parts which need to be connected; and further there on the side of this aisle there are stations for people to check small auto parts for defects before being shipped back to China.”  Even though the area is large it is not too large one is unable to walk from one end to the other.

Simon joined us a few minutes later and finish give me the tour, explained some of the restrictions about wearing closed toe shoes, long pants and a limitation of wearing jewelry, all due to safety reasons.  The work was being done in a quiet environment with a few people speaking with each other and at one point I thought I heard a little music which helps get through the morning!

“The work we provide is a service”, said Simon, “we don’t make products.”  Services Système D accepts a wide range of products which simply need to be sorted and packaged and ready for pick up.  Imagine receiving a large container of shampoo bottles which need to be paired with a conditioner in tape which says “On Sale”, or assembling a couple of metal joints with a screwdriver which are used as part of a motor in a different country.  Unloading, packaging, repackaging and setting things aside for pick up is what mainly goes on in this area and the demand for this service doesn’t seem to stop.  Overall, light manual work for the day.

Simon himself is the type of person I could sit and talk with for hours.  Simon hires many newcomers who need experience in Quebec and a flexible work environment.  Simon would love to hire retired persons who know how to work in small teams, can stand at a workstation for a few hours at a time, and will be punctual and efficient in their tasks.  His vision is to create flexible teams for the various mandates which come in and mix retirees with newcomers so there is an opportunity to help explain things when there may be a language barrier, but also to show others about what it means to work in Quebec.  Simon strongly believes local retirees could learn a lot from the newcomers – after a shift or two you may be able to say a few words in Spanish!


Kigi Agency is looking forward to working with Simon and helping him find Kigiers who are looking for simple yet meaningful work they can do with a flexible schedule (day only).  Services Sytème D is looking to grow their operations, welcome better human resources planning and lead by example when it comes to including everyone.  Services Système D has KIGI accreditation of being a good place for work.

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