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September 13th 2021

La Passerelle

“You’re fired.”  Perhaps they don’t use this phrase anymore.  “Your position has been abolished.  We’re moving in a different direction and encourage you to apply for this position during the transition.”

On your side, the Kigier, did you ever say to yourself: “I’m getting passed over for these kids born with tablets in their hands or 3 degrees in their back pocket.”  Or perhaps: “I can do the job, but I don’t know how much more I can do to show them.”

These phrases and scenarios may not have been your exact experience, but the result of your current position may still be the same – you’re currently without meaningful work. 

Kigi Agency started with the goal of helping people 55 years and older stay active, healthy and socially engaged through occasional work; but we have learned over the last year, there is this group of people around 45 to 55 years old, or older, who are underemployed, insufficiently challenged or simply pushed out of their roles; but are looking for either full time work or aspirational goals to accomplish.

Kigi Agency has NOT changed its focus and will continue to seek employment for the semi-retired and retired.  We continue to place our primary focus on the people we call Kigiers.  People who are energetic, enthusiastic, and interested in getting out of the house a few days at a time to help in an office, at a conference, outside in a garden, behind the keyboard at home or wherever light work may be accomplished.  Kigi Agency has also listened to people slightly younger and the newly retired Kigier with regards to their desire to have help in polishing their skills, getting their CV in shape, navigating certain social media to find work.

We are proud to have started working with La Passerelle in Montreal this past summer, and to invite you to participate in their online programs to support your needs toward finding meaningful, aspirational, and flexible employment to fit your needs.

La Passerelle is a non-profit organization which has been guiding seasoned professionals from various backgrounds and cultures since 1990, through their career transition and employment into enriching environments.  They offer personalized support and advice to people like you who are looking to reposition themselves on the job market while adapting to new trends.  Their approach is open, welcoming, practical, and supportive.

I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop in July where I had to give an elevator pitch of myself to the group.  It was the first exercise of the morning and there was no prior preparation.  With guiding words from the facilitator, Reine, and a big sip of coffee I dove right in.  I felt I was trailing off at the end and in hindsight could have added more here, removed some there and tightened up the middle – but this short exercise is crucial to your self-presentation during an interview, a discussion with colleagues, and with supervisors/managers with whom you want to communicate your needs and goals.

La Passerelle, offers workshops on CV writing and improvement, using LinkedIn to find work and network, moving through the transition of job loss, networking events and so much more.  There are plenty of resources and people upon which to lean for support, guidance and just to have fun.  If you live in Montreal, mention you’re registered at Kigi Agency to qualify for their subsidized program.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, reach out to me and I’ll get someone to give you a call to help where you need it most.

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