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March 23rd 2020

Message to Kigiers

Dear Kigiers,

During this period of self isolation and social distancing, Kigi Agency is also struggling to meet with new Kigiers and new businesses in order to get jobs posted to the platform.  Nevertheless, we are continuing to speak with businesses who have shown an interest in using KIGI and are encouraging them to post their needs with a future date in mind - even if this date is not confirmed.  We are asking these businesses to interact with you, the Kigier, by telephone and review your profiles to find their ideal candidate for their future needs.  At the same time, we are encouraged by the word of mouth spread among Kigiers to their friends and family as the number of Kigiers increase.  Having many Kigiers registered is encouraging to businesses because they will expose their needs to a large number of experienced people and will increase their chances of finding an ideal candidate for their short term needs.  Thank you for your continued support.  On behalf of Daniel, Deana and myself we wish you and your families well, and to stay safe and healthy until we can continue to Keep It Going.


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