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July 02nd 2020

Pet Toy Giveaway- How to Participate

We love pets and so do our Kigiers and the businesses who support them.  The benefit of pet ownership for baby-boomers+ is incredible and we are launching a pet toy drive this July for 100 registered Kigiers.  Owning a pet promotes increased physical activity, it provides emotional support, boots cardiovascular health by lowering blood pression and can help with weight control due to the need to be more active with a pet.  In addition, pets offer companionship and they can calm emotions by being a source of physical contact where some baby-boomers receive few hugs and social interaction.  Lynette Hart, author of The Role of Pets in Enhancing Human Well-being: Effects for Older People explains “an individual who becomes close with animals may experience closer family units and happier relations with their spouses due to increased capacity for emotional bonding… [which can] translate to outside relationships, which may help seniors living in retirement villages to easily connect with their peers.”

Whatever your pet, four legs and furry, two wings and pitch perfect, or a silent swimmer who dazzles in the light, Kigi Agency is interested in learning about their name, what type of toy they may enjoy and perhaps receiving a picture if you have one!  Kigi Agency is celebrating the benefits of pet ownership among baby boomers and has teamed up with the following amazing veterinarians and pet stores in Montreal to encourage your active lifestyle.  These donors have generously given a combined total of 100 pet toys for Kigi Agency to deliver to registered Kigiers in Laval, the island of Montreal and Brossard.

  • Animalerie Too Zoo
  • Pattes à Poil
  • Centre d'Animaux Nature - Pointe-Claire
  • Animal 911 – Pierrefonds/Roxboro

Email with the name of your pet and the type of pet you own (ex: cat, dog, rabbit etc) to receive one (1) free pet toy delivered to you.  PLEASE NOTE: only fully completed details of registered Kigier accounts will be eligible. You must live in either Laval, Brossard or on the island of Montreal and only 1 toy per home will be made.  Existing Kigiers are welcome to apply, but only the first 100 Kigiers will be accepted. Send your pet’s details to us by 6pm on 30 July 2020.  Deliveries will be made between 31 July and 8 August 2020. 

Send photos of your pet and we will post them on our social media pages next month!

Thank you to our fabulous donors and Kigiers for making pet month a success at Kigi Agency. - photo

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