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January 02nd 2021

Restart, Retrain, Rethink, Rebuild

Happy New Year!  May this year be abundant in good health to you and your family.  May you, Kigier, find an “R” you will enjoy.

Kigi Agency is a non-profit organization with a vision to build a society where older adults are always included in employment or volunteer opportunities.  We struggled to move our vision forward in 2020, but we never stopped believing in it.  With the positive news of a vaccine for Covid-19, most of the planet looked to 2021 as a year of restarting, or rebuilding, or rediscovering ourselves, friends and family.  KIGI is also looking at 2021 with renewed spirit and energy to breathe new life into our vision

An “R” You Will Enjoy

You can put the term “re” in front of almost any verb and it becomes invigorating (except of course “striction”).  What invigorating, motivating or meaningful word will you choose this year in line with your goals?  Are you looking to start something new?  Find a new job, embark on a new personal or business venture or learn a new skill.  Something new in the New Year is what many people identify as part of their New Year’s re-solution.  

Learning a new skill or adopting a new hobby includes a form of mental training we all need in our lives.  I trained for several years to be a lawyer.  I took great pleasure (in hindsight) in learning, reading, and practicing; but I also knew it was not a lifelong choice.  I used distance learning as an opportunity to be trained in risk management; I used Covid-19 as an opportunity to be trained in how to create social media and search engine advertising; I used the closing down of my local gym to physically train with YouTube workout videos (it’s still a work in progress!).  Retraining and learning new skills will always be necessary as the world around us evolves; however, it does not always require monumental shifts.  I realized after 6 months of in-home workouts I was pushing myself further than I had when I had access to all the gym equipment one could dream about.

Covid-19 gave everyone on earth a moment to think twice.  What did you think about?  How many times did you think about it or something else?  Self-reflection, meditation, mindfulness… call it what you like – we all do it and did it even more this past year.  2021 is here.  Are you still thinking or are you ready to put your thoughts into action?  What did you consider last month was necessary to make this month different – and if you didn’t think of anything last month – what are you thinking about right now to make tomorrow different for yourself?  I’m not referring to the dieting or exercise statements you made, but the real thoughts about your future.  How do you want to live 2021, 2025 and the next 10 years?  What do you need to rethink today to make tomorrow happen?

Once you’ve passed through the previous “R”s and you’re ready to execute – do it!  I was inspired a few years ago by my assistant to start running.  I never enjoyed running and in elementary school chose volleyball as my sport because there was no running involved as compared to soccer or basketball which were more popular.  My assistant had suggested an app she used to learn how to run 5 kilometers.  I admit, I’m often easily persuaded by challenges, but this spoke to me differently and I did it.  I ran my first 5K race 9 months after starting and will never forget my 29 min 45 sec finishing time.  It didn’t stop and I run to this day.  Sometimes I think ‘why bother’ but I soon realise it’s an investment in myself, especially when I watch stories about people like Bill Shawbell and kick myself for not getting out there.  Nope, you do not have to take up marathon walking or running, but you do have to do something for yourself.  Build for yourself what you’ve always wanted and if right now it’s to work part time or volunteer, then please get in touch with me because I would love to speak with you and help you build on your (re) thoughts and (re) training toward (re) starting to achieve your goals

Welcome to Kigi Agency – our vision is to build a society where older adults are always included in employment or volunteer opportunities.

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