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July 06th 2020

The Benefits of Pet Ownership among BabyBoomers

Alongside our pet toy giveaway this month, Kigi Agency is highlighting why pet ownership is important among BabyBoomers.  We are grateful to the pets who provide love and emotional support to BabyBoomers and we hope many Kigiers will send us details about their pet(s) so their pet can receive a free toy which has been so generously donated by a few pet stores and veterinarians across Montreal.  

Did you know pets provide routine and exercise?  Pets enjoy eating on time, going outside to play and for those who need a walk they seem to intuitively know what time is best!  Some pets sing, howl, purr, bark or simply sit by your side.  This interaction is companionship to many people living alone or who over the past few months, have not been able to interact with family or friends.   Below are reasons Kigi found in a few articles referenced at the end, as to why pets are important to BabyBoomers:


  • Pets promote increased physical activity such as walks or regular movement around the house.  Studies have shown, people who care for pets tend to be more active and they increase their physical activity levels specifically to meet the needs of their pets.
  • Pets provide emotional support to people who, as they age, often feel unappreciated or left behind – a pet can help an elderly person know they are still important.  From a personal well-being viewpoint, one can feel as much pleasure and emotional contribution from a pet as they can a best friend.  A pet represents an effective support.
  • People who care for pets often have lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and better heart health according to research in The American Journal of Cardiology.
  • Lynette Hart, author of “The Role of Pets in Enhancing Human Well-being:  Effects for Older People” says in her article: individuals who become close with animals may experience closer family units and happier relations with their spouse due to increased capacity for emotional bonding due to an emphasis on placing another’s interests before one’s own and having an effective understanding of boundaries.  These skills translate to outside relationships, which may help seniors living in retirement villages to easily connect with their peers.

Kigi Agency would like to thank all businesses and individuals who contribute to raising a little money so we can mail these toys to Kigiers with pets and we would also like to say Thank You to pets for doing such a great job!

If you would like to contribute a small amount toward postage costs we are accepting online payments here:  

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