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October 01st 2020

The Benefits of Reading

While researching articles regarding this month’s focus on books and reading, I fell upon a couple of articles which extolled the benefits of reading, and of reading as we age.  I realized these benefits are applicable to any age – especially Kigiers!

Apparently, a study undertaken by Yale University in 2016, showed:

“reading 3.5 hours each week extends your life by 23 months”  

I wonder if when I read those articles about the top 10 this or that, at the end of a busy day counts toward my 3.5 hours?

In addition to longevity, the articles indicate reading can help increase empathy.  As we further develop our imagination while becoming enthralled in the characters and settings, this leads us to be more empathetic toward people.  The last book I read was “The Audacity of Hope” by then Senator Barack Obama.  What an interesting look on someone’s thoughts knowing they will go on to become president but never once mentioned consideration of the same in this book.  I can not say the writing invited me to get lost in his world or the stories he relayed, but “reliving” certain events in recent history certainly gave me a different appreciation of what he was facing and I empathized with some of his struggles.

Here are the links to the articles I found which may be of interest to you.

Oh!  I forgot to mention another benefit reading provides is improved sleep.  I can certainly attest to this as I think back to when I had to read decisions from the House of Lords when I was studying law in England… instant sleep!

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