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June 18th 2020

The Importance of Mental Health

As we shake off a few of the restrictions of Covid-19, the effects of isolation and physical distancing remain on all of us.  Some of us practiced meditation, others immersed themselves in television and some of us had a hard time coping with these changes.   Whether you feel unchanged, unhappy or re-invented we can all take a moment to consider our mental health and the mental health of our friends and family.

“Mental health is the state of your psychological and emotional well-being.”  It is affected by life experiences, relationships with others, physical health and your immediate environment.  All of these aspects are different for each and every one of us; and as we age, gathering more life experiences, relationships and changing physical health or environment, our mental health changes.  Baby-boomers and older adults experience a change in their environment when they retire and no longer maintain the same routine or physical and mental challenges their work required of them.

 A few ways baby-boomers and older persons can take care of their mental health are by:

  • Maintaining healthy eating habits
  • Setting realistic goals (about life basics including what you read or watch, how you exercise)
  • Making meaningful connections with family, friends, peers, colleagues or other members of your community

These types of actions can help you cope with difficult experiences or stress, improve your confidence and get you to a level of comfort where you feel capable to talk about mental health needs.  One organization which has been helping thousands of Quebecers for over 40 years, to talk, improve and maintain a good state of mental health is AMI-Québec.

This spring, Kigi Agency was introduced to the story: “A Garden of Roses at 60 – Perla’s story” in the AMI-Québec spring newsletter.  This real and touching story of a woman who struggled with suicide as a young woman and rejoiced with life on her 60th birthday is but one small reason Kigi Agency wants to highlight the importance of mental health.  (You can download the newsletter here:

This summer, Ami-Québec will enjoy the slower pace of the warmer months while continuing to offer workshop series for caregivers; ongoing support groups such as anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) (which are some of the support groups offered); and a slew of resources and publications through their AMI Library and AMI Publications pages – not to mention individual and family counseling services. You can play a role in supporting caregivers, baby-boomers transitioning into retirement and older persons moving through life changes in a comfortable and secure surrounding by donating to this wonderful organization who will use your gift to provide free programs, services and workshops to thousands.

This organization primarily provides services and programs to English speaking Quebecers; but they are able to answer questions in French and direct you to other exceptional mental health organizations who operate primarily in French such as AQPAMM (Association Québécoise pour les Parents et Amis de la Personne Atteinte de la Maladie Mentale)

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