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August 11th 2020

Tips & Tricks on how your Business can Support the Environment

We curated a few articles for businesses this month as we highlight environmental support.  Read about a few small changes you can make to your office which have large positive impacts on the environment and your wallet!  

    • Provide filtered water for your staff which they can get from the tap
    • Make it fun not to use paper – fax to email, team reduction, gentle reminders about the environmental impact “think before you print”
    • Switch to LED lighting
    • Allow/Continue telecommuting
    • Use indoor plants for improved air quality
    • Power off computers, use motion sensing lighting in bathrooms
    • Recycling bins in common areas as well as at desks
    • Reduce travel – video conferencing platforms instead of flight, car and hotel costs
    • Switch coffee machines from pods to old school if you're in a small office or get an automatic machine supplied and maintained by a café, save money and the environment
    • Are your suppliers green? (can you recycle their packaging, do they manufacture in sustainable manners, are the materials non toxic)
    • Donate unused office items like desks, chairs, building materials to a charity and receive a tax-deductible donation receipt
    • Fix dripping taps or plumbing leaks to save water and costs
    • Close shades in the summer to reduce air conditioning use
    • Recycle electronics or donate to charity
    • Cloud computing reduces the reliance on servers which suck power and need tons of air conditioning

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