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February 21st 2021

Welcome Elcargo Fabrication Inc

Kigi Agency is very happy to welcome Elcargo Fabrication among its list of recommended businesses open and waiting to hire talented people 55 years and older.  Elcargo is a Saint Hyacinthe based manufacturer of mechanized tarps for trucks and trailers transporting bulk goods, proudly servicing companies across Canada, the US and abroad, for over 50 years! 

"What are mechanized tarps, and why should I be interested?"

Imagine a wheat field in Saskatchewan has cut all their wheat and needs to deliver it across the country so other manufacturers can process the wheat into flour for your favourite bread you love to toast in the morning.  The farmer of the wheat field needs to transport several tons of wheat to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes by truck, in such a way so as not one leaf is lost, nothing gets wet by rain, the wheat is not damaged by insects or disease.  Throwing it into the back of a standard trailer is simply not sufficient.  Enter Elcargo Fabrication.

Elcargo manufactures mechanized waterproof canvas coverings, designed with a strong and well anchored fit for different sized trailers and trucks.  They are easy to open and close, to protect the soon to be bread flour, from bad weather. 

When not transporting agricultural bulk goods, companies across North America also transport sensitive materials which if spilled or airborne could cause damage to the environment and people.  Elcargo’s canvas coverings ensure the safety of these goods by preventing them from escaping accidentally into our waters, sewers or soil.

Since taking over the business 5 years ago, President and owner, Kendrick Martin, has improved the customer service given to clients, has been an innovator during the pandemic by re-engineering the materials used for their canvas into an apron for front-line worker protection against Covid-19, and has built a team around him who genuinely enjoy coming to work every day.

Elcargo is located near highway 20 in Saint Hyacinthe, a 30-minute drive from Boucherville or Drummondville, is accessible via public transit from Saint Hilaire, and is only open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.  Mr. Martin prides himself on ensuring his staff has an excellent quality of work-life balance even during the pandemic when they were designated an essential service. 

      “The safety of the employees is key.  Elcargo has changed its cleaning practices to include increased wipe downs of all stations and tools, different lunch break times, temporary work to minimize the number of people at one time; we provide a medical grade mask to everyone every day and insist on appropriate social distancing within the workplace.

Elcargo is looking for help in metal manufacturing (no heavy lifting and no dangerous work is involved) and system installation (some training is required however experienced mechanics will fit in quickly).  Be sure to view their job postings and let us know if you have any questions.  Kigi Agency is here to help you find work you want to do.

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