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November 01st 2020

Welcome: The Teapot!

Don’t be fooled by the sweet name of this non-profit organization in Lachine.  The Teapot is not your great-grandmother’s idea of Sunday afternoon.  The Teapot has been working for almost 50 years in the Lachine and surrounding areas to improve the quality of life for people over 50 years old.  They provide activities and volunteer opportunities to empower, educate and excite! 

Over 500 members strong, the Teapot offers 40 programs throughout the year, which have been transformed into virtual programs, and they recently added new programs such as Spanish classes, a music club, a book club and physical exercise classes.  In addition to “going virtual”, as so many organisations and clubs have had to do over the last few months, the Teapot understands this is not second nature for everyone, even if you have a Facebook account or tablet you use regularly.  In home tech support is safely offered by a professional employee to help Teapot members access their programs online.

When I spoke with Tamara (General Manager) and Kisha (Assistant General Manager) last month about how Kigi Agency could support the Teapot and promote their organization, I was happy to learn about the level of organization and the depth of services they offer which go beyond a few activities to keep people ‘occupied.’  The team at the Teapot is truly concerned about citizens in their community who may have difficulty getting to the grocery store or their medical appointments so they arrange support to deliver groceries or get transportation to various appointments.  They have a strong network of volunteers to help with occasional errands, make friendly phone calls and even assist newcomers integrate into their welcoming community.

Another outstanding aspect is their “Sentinelles en Veille” program.  A network of businesses, partners and volunteers working together to look out for older adults in the community who may either be at risk or in need of joining a supportive network.  The best way to explain this program is with the example Kisha provided me:

“An employee at a local coffee shop may see the same gentleman every day, drinking a cup of coffee alone for hours before leaving.  The Teapot, having an agreement with this coffee shop, can provide the employee training on how to identify and approach this gentleman who may benefit from enjoying his daily cup of coffee at the Teapot and participate in conversation or activities with others.” 

Within the first year of this program, the Teapot and their partners provided twelve training sessions to 73 people across Lachine and the program continues to grow strong.  Kigi Agency is extremely proud to be a partner of the Teapot to promote this program.

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