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July 17th 2020

What is the Pillars Trust Fund?

The Pillars Trust Fund is a Catholic charity which has been operating in Montreal since 1972.  Pillars Trust raises money to financially support young men who enter the seminary; programs which help parishioners of English-speaking Montreal parishes; and social action causes such as financial donations to organizations helping seniors or summer camp retreats for seniors.

Pillars Trust is undergoing its own challenges of working in the community alongside Covid-19, a greater secular society and trying to prioritize the use of modern technology.   Every year, Pillars Trust holds an annual fundraising drive in October to be able to distribute funds raised to organisations which may not have the capacity to undertake large fundraising efforts.  

To meet the demand of fundraising in modern times, Pillars Trust is looking for a new Executive Director to join their team of volunteer board members.

Working with Pillars Trust means being surrounded by an amazing board of directors who provide their professional expertise as accountants, teachers, public personalities, legal officers, managers and fundraisers to develop and operate this great charity.  The group is diverse and can open your eyes to another layer of needs in Montreal you may never have known existed!  Aside from a rich history of working with English-speaking Catholics of Montreal, the Pillars Trust Fund has a renewed mission and is seeking to reach the community through digital transformation.  It has acquired virtual communication tools and is open to accepting other volunteers who have experience using such tools to maximize brand awareness and fundraising.

Kigi Agency is not in a position to vouch for all charities nor the inner workings of any other organization, but we are very happy to highlight the work of the Pillars Trust Fund and invite any Kigier with an interest in working with this group to view their job offer on the main page!

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