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10 Environmental Concerns in 2020

It would appear, the environment and the effects of climate change took a sudden back seat earlier this year when we were collectively facing the unknowns of Covid-19.  The issues we have regarding our air, water and soil have not disappeared.  As a Baby-Boomer, are you concerned about the conditions of the environment?  Some articles have indicated Baby-Boomers are less concerned than the younger generation.  As a business, are you concerned about the influence of climate change on productivity or your staff?  Flooding in Quebec has become a real yearly occurrence which affects the workforce.

Kigi Agency is concerned about the environment and would like to bring back to the table a discussion which became an election issue and a major news story featuring a young girl from Sweden in 2019.

This month, KIGI will be sharing information about environmental issues and how we can either reduce our negative impact on the environment or improve our relationship with the environment.

Below is a list of 10 large scale environmental concerns in Quebec and across the country as well as links to learn more about these issues:

  1. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and providing transparency on what we’re doing
  2. New oil and gas explorations; and fossil fuel subsidies being given


  1. Air quality


  1. Sustainable development


  1. Reduction of residual materials being disposed,%20r.%2035.1


  1. Preserving the biodiversity of Quebec by reducing the use of pesticides and using eco-responsible materials within public administration


  1. The protection of marine environments and reducing water pollution

  1. The export of liquified natural gas from the Saguenay region


  1. The expansion of the ports of Montreal and Quebec


  1. Drilling in the Saint Lawrence valley

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