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Baby Boomers & Seniors Protecting the Environment

In researching the level of interaction BabyBoomers and seniors have with environmental concerns we came across a few mixed views.  Some articles, such as this one or this one, suggested BabyBoomers didn’t see making changes to their lifestyles for the sake of the environment their concern and were viewed by Millennials as the source of current environmental woes.  Other articles such as this one or this one, did not really have an opinion on the matter, but rather provided ideas seniors could adopt to participate protection and improvement of the environment. 

Where do you stand?  Is the environment important to you?

Kigi Agency is of the mindset, most BabyBoomers and seniors grew up where negative environmental impacts and the word “recycle” were not front and centre, but their lifestyles were very much environmentally friendly!  Waste, whether food or clothing, was not a common practice.  Driving everywhere may not have been a readily available option as a child or teenager, so the infamous BMW (Bike, Metro, Walk) was just how people visited friends.  The thought of having strawberries or peaches in winter was not necessary when apples and pears were ripe, ready and in season.

For those Kigiers who may have become accustomed to overpackaging or less environmentally friendly practices we did find a few tips to suggest:

  1. Use your own bags or water bottle – most places are not providing these items anymore
  2. Online shopping increased dramatically at the outset of Covid-19 and our carbon footprint became smaller by driving less to purchase items in the stores.  Consider keeping part of this practice two or three times in your shopping routine
  3. Meatless Mondays could also be practiced a few times a week – the decreased strain on raising meat for consumption can be reduced if we are not eating as much, not to mention reducing the strain on our waist lines
  4. Buy local – could be something you already do, but watch out for labels in the store selling strawberries from a State rather than Quebec
  5. Recycled product alternatives such as paper towels or toilet paper work very well at keeping things clean and they reduce billions of pounds of paper towels, tissues and toilet paper discarded every year.

If you are the Kigier who still prefers their BMW to pick up your late harvest peaches to share with a friend this week then KIGI says thank you for maintaining this active and environmentally friendly lifestyle!

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