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How is your Arthritis Awareness month going?

How are you celebrating Arthritis Awareness Month so far this September?!  There are 6 million Canadians living with arthritis.  This means you and I know someone with arthritis and they may be in pain right now. 

On occasion, people do not want to give to large charitable organizations because they believe their donation does not make a difference, or worse, does not get to the intended destination.  Before KIGI accepted to spread the word about the Quebec Arthritis Society’s “$1 million for 6 million” fundraiser and awareness campaign this month, I asked very specific questions about where the money helps.  Here are some of the wonderful answers I received:

Question: Your marketing material says the critical funds are for arthritis and the Arthritis Society invests in research, advocacy and innovative solutions.  Can you provide specific examples of what my critical monetary donation will do?

Answer: We are currently funding research in Quebec toward the prevention of complications due to scleroderma; Covid-19 and the risks of infection for people with a suppressed immune system.  In Ontario, we are funding research into an innovative cellular therapy against osteoarthritis and in Nova Scotia we are funding a new pain treatment.

Question: Your marketing material also says you advocate for policy change.  In what areas are you doing this?

Answer: We are putting a focus on the delays for arthroplasty caused by the pandemic.  Access to drugs (especially in other provinces) and the continuity of being able to research are all part of our advocacy measures.

These are just a few of the areas your donation will reach, and directly help the person we know with arthritis.

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